Monday, 27 July 2009

Post Wasdale blues

Well after the high of completing Wasdale work soon brought me back down to earth with a bump. Couple of weeks of nose to the grindstone being a powerpoint monkey! Still had the welcome diversion of weekend in Wales for Snowdon fell race and then weekend in the dales (which ended with me doing James Herriot Trail race instead of being tired from supporting a BG).

Snowdon first up. Still peeling from Wasdale, turned up to Llanberis with some trepidation as every year I have done that race it has been bizarrely hot and there have been heat casualties (last year being the worst one I remember). The weather was much kinder to us this year, however unfortunately someone lost their life on the mountain through I think a hear condition. Very sad to think someone was loosing their battle for life while I was enjoying the descent without a really a care in the world. There were also some nasty tumbles, but fortunately the worst affected of those seem in good spirits (welsh harrier!) despite broken bones. The race was it's usual enjoyable event and managed to be 2 minutes faster than last year which I can only attribute to cooler conditions. Big thanks to all the organisers on what must have been a trying day and sympathies to the family of the runner who passed on.
Next day headed up north ridge of Tryffan. Had done this years ago, but think at section after the cantilever we ducked left and missed the main scrambling, because did not remember any of this! There were a couple of (for me) pretty scary moves and was thinking if that's grade 1 then struding edge is not even a scramble as they are just not comparable! Fortunately there were quite a few girls out who made it look easy so had someone to follow and Mark had the bonus of people being around to prevent me throwing a wobbly at him!
Hey ho! Anyway headed back home to spend the week filling in the time before could head out of York and into the hills. The weekend coming up was to turn out to be one of those ones where there were lots of races and things going on and could do with 48 hours in a day! Rod a speedy BG contended was looking for support and as there was a chance I'd be in the lakes said I may be able to help, although failry unlikely to keep up for a whole leg. The original reason I was to be in the lakes was for the old crown round, however a manic week at work had me binning my planned couple of days hols to meet friends in the dales so instead I stayed there on Fri night so I could catch up with them, intending to head to the lakes for sat urday evening to BG support and then head back to the dales as if I'd never been gone and ready to do James Herriot Trail race!
Most of the above went to plan except had trouble getting hold of Rod and knew he was lacking support on leg 3 and not the 5 I thought. On leg 3 I would not have kept up on the Scaffells as am such a girly descender, btu could have helped for a bit. In the event was struggling to be able to get over there and to sort car logistics and since found out that unfortunately Rod had to call it a day at 3. Hopefully he'll have another go and maybe I can be of help at the end when he may be a bit tired and a bit slower!
So to the James Herriot Trail Race. Fab race, the fell runners that like gnarly ground need not apply though as it's just 14k of fast non technical running. Although I wasn't fast, well I was fast for me at the moment I guess. The last few k were a bit traumatic as I went for it coming off the last hill, only to remember it was a long old run in. Robyn, my mate, did really well and came 2nd lady!! This is the firl who says she doesn't do much training really - hmmm......
Next up Lakes 50, although think will be tempted to do YVAA vets race on Wednesday as it's on my doorstep!

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