Monday, 13 July 2009


OMG! Wasdale fell race was so hard. I totally bonked just before Great Gable and want up there even slower than I shuffled up Kili years ago (to be honest I felt as crap too - just 5000m difference in altitude). Anyway gels saved the day and I didn't get timed out, although was pretty much one of the backmarkers. But, what a fantastic day despite all that!! Forecast bad weather did not come until later in the evening to route finding wasn't an issue and got the best view of Scaffel Pike and Scaffel.

Started the day setting off from York at 5 am (someone came up from Norfolk and set of at 3am - eek) and getting in to Wasdale before 8.30. Nice spot to hang round though! Race came round and in no time at all the field was straggling out up the first climb to Whin Rigg. Dropped down to Josh Naylor's for him to see us through - what a total legend he is. After that felt pretty good up until the trod skirting round Kirk Fell when I realised I was tripping and staggering all over the place and in need of serious sugar lift. Out came the gel, but unfortunately it took until the descent of Gt Gable to kick in, although at least that meant I felt a bit happier going up the pike. On bonus at top of Gable was seeing Chris Cripps and him not timing me out and the sweet bag the guys had at that checkpoint - not sure what sweet I picked, but it was lovely and nice to have a change from chuffin' jelly babies.

During the race had been running near one of the girls from Calder Valley, Thirza, and she always sounded in such good spirits whereas I always just sounded like I was about to pass out. Anyway, the few people about me raised my spirits and we were soon on to the nice grassyish but quad jarring (well it is the way I mince down) descent of Lingmell and saw friends Phil and Annette at the last checkpoint which was very good as they were so encouraging.

So with bambi like legs made my way to the finish wondering why there was so much clapping. Then realised I had finished mid presentation for the winners! :-( Great day out, despite only getting home at 10.

A four hour adventure race at the Cliffhanger event in Sheffield the next day was perhaps not the ideal gentle warmdown run for Wasdale! Great fun though, although am gutted we were over time so lost 25 points due to our greediness on the bike section.

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